Friday, May 11, 2012

Truly Homeward Bound...

I started this blog in order to keep track of my life post- college and today was the official day where everything I own was moved back into my old room at my parents house. Such a weird feeling, BTW. I literally feel like a person of the TLC show the "Hoarders". I have so much stuff that I have accumulated over the past 4 years of college. T-shirts, pictures, dorm accessories, storage containers, and of course lots of CLOTHES!

The floor of my room=disaster

My bed is covered in more stuff
My mom is a big OCD person and has to have every room completely clean in her house at all times. She gave me a 2 weeks notice, saying I must have it completely cleaned up and organized or she is throwing it all away. Gah!! 

My tiny closet- too much stuff.
My 3 shoe racks that are all completely full. What to do?

My closet looks like it is going to collapse at any minute and I still have all three of my shoe racks to hang up (not sure where they are going to fit) and another whole pile of shoes that are not even pictured. I think this 2 week notice is going to be a slight issue. I need to find a roommate, and fast, so I can move out and have a big walk in closet!! Anybody know anyone in Louisville that needs a roomie? haha, but really. All I can say is leaving the college scene and growing up is scary and so far I have not been loving the "real world". Anybody else feel my pain??!

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  1. Ugh definitely feel your pain!! I'm going to be moving home next month for a few months before I move into an apartment and I am NOT looking forward to it!! Especially having to figure out how to pack all the random useless stuff I've acquired lol!