Monday, July 9, 2012

Luxurious Lilly On Monday's {#9}

It's that time of the week AGAIN! I swear summer is flying by! I can not believe it is already July!! 

Of course, most of my favorite prints are from Lilly's Summer catalogs. I just LOVE their toile prints and anything that has to do with nautical. What girl doesn't?!

The outfit of the week is literally one of my all time favorite prints - Fresh Catch Toile. It is a mixture of pretty blues, with a beachy background and all around perfect for any outdoor water adventure! 

Posing in Nassau, Bahamas at the Atlantis Beach with the BF :)

This is the McCormick Dress -- it has spaghetti straps that you tie at the top or you can tie them together to make it halter top! Such a versatile dress :)

Relaxing at the Adult pool on our Carnival Cruise. Wearing my Docksider Lilly Jellies :)

I absolutely LOVE this print, if you hadn't already read-- I actually broke my only buy one item in each print rule and own the avery skirt and the callahans in this print! I am still on the lookout for the Gretchen dress, maxi and a tie for my BF to wear :)

XoXo, Kelsey

Monday, July 2, 2012

Luxurious Lilly On Monday's {#8}

Good Morning Everyone!! This week I am featuring one of my FAVORITE formal Lilly Pulitzer dresses! It is the Seamus in Blue Escape. I bought this dress 2 years ago and never had the place to wear it, until finally I went on my first cruise this past March!

Sippin' a Sex on the Beach in my Lilly :)

I was able to score this lovely dress on one of my favorite websites, that sells used and new Lilly --> Re-Lilly for $100 brand new with tags, what a STEAL! It originally runs around $298.
Our first cruise,  formal dinner night!

I love the vibrant print and the gorgeous intricate beading along the neckline and the sheer arm length sleeves. It is truly a stunning dress that I can't wait to wear again!

XoXo, have a great Monday Lilly friends!! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Luxurious Lilly on Monday's {#7}

Happy Monday Morning Lovely Ladies :) Hopefully this week is going to fly by and the weekend will be here before you know it! 

My Lilly Pulitzer attire of the week is one of my favorite tops, the silk Elsa. I bought this at a whim and ended up loving it! It was during the crazy Elsa "phase". The print is Skip On It, which I wish I had more items in this print!!

Me and the BF before going out!

I swear I get compliments every time I wear it, and it is so easy to just throw on with a pair or jeans and feel comfortable and cute! I need to be on the look out for me, but they can be pricey ($$). I snagged this one up for about $65 NWT. Typically the run $100+. 

My girlfriends and I

In these photos I was headed to a piano bar, for drinks and music with friends! I am sure I will be wearing this out a lot more in the fall and when it is not so hot! 
Always Love Lilly!! xoxo.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Luxurious Lilly on Monday's {#6}

Im BACKK :) Vacation to Cali, my 1st big girl job, nursing boards, and moving home has kept me from being able to blog!! This Monday's Lilly of the week is one that I recently bought off eBay! It is in one of my favorite colors, BLUE (goo UK!). 

Sippin' on a Mikes Hard!

This dress is so girly and fun. It has a keyhole ring in the back and a frilly fabric on the ends of the sleeves! I wore it to a local block party in Louisville.

The BF and I :)
The name of the print is Coastal Blue Star!! Love it! Hoping to snag a top in the same print sometime soon!

Have a great rest of the week! xoxo

Monday, June 4, 2012

NTTB {No Time To Blog}

Sorry I have been super busy lately! I went on vacation to California a few days ago and then started my "Big Girl J.O.B." and I am studying for my Nursing boards that are next Monday! I wont be blogging till after my boards :( Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Weekend Festivities/Susie Homemaker}

Since this was my last weekend in Lexington I decided to make it a fun-filled time with all of my best friends and sisters :)

On Friday my friends and I entertained ourselves with a Game Night where we fixed a big dinner and played board games while drinking. The next day we all met up and enjoyed the good old Kentucky and went on the Bourbon trail!

For game night we decided to do italian. I volunteered to make an appetizer. For anybody that knows me, I can NOT cook. Literally - it is a problem. I can cook a total of about 5 items. Any thing microwavable and 2 types of appetizer dips and I have managed to perfect one dish - Fetuccini Alfredo. I feel bad for my future husband - haha. Thus being said, this weekend I made one of my two dips. This dip is called "Pizza Dip". Very sophisticated, I know, haha. I decided to take photos of each stage of how to make it so if anybody was interested, they could do it themselves. Trust me -- it's SUPER easy!

1 Pack of Cream Cheese
2 Cups of Mozerella Cheese
1 Container of Marinara sauce (any brand - just not chunky tomatoes)
1 Package of small Pepperonis
I use two 9 inch round pans.

Step One:
Spread the Cream Cheese on the bottom of two 9" round pans.

Step Two:
Spread an even amount of Marinara over Cream Cheese.
Step Three:
Add half of the bag of pepperoni's  too each pan on top of the Marinara
Step Four:
Add 1 cup of Mozerella cheese to each pan 
Step Five:
Put in the oven at 350 degrees and cook until the cheese is melted.
I don't have an exact time - haha I just check on it every 5 minutes or so.

Step Six:  Add a bag of Frito or Tostito chips and dig in! It is too die for :) Like I said, it is an easy recipe. If I can do it, trust me, YOU can do it!! I'd love to know some of your all's favorite recipes or if you make something similar!

Two of my friends decided to bring dessert and it was so cute, so I just have to show you :) We devoured this in literally an hour. Gotta love cookie cake :)
Game Night 2012 Cookie Cake :)

On Saturday we all hopped in my friends Mini Van and took a trip to the Wild Turkey Bourbon Distillery in Kentucky!
One of the 6 distilleries on the Bourbon Trail!

It was a lot of fun and we got to see all the processes of making the Bourbon. They took us on a bus tour and a walking tour. We got to see the bourbon fermenting and where they kept the barrels for 8-10 years.

Just one of the huge Vats where they keep the Bourbon

My friends and I in front of a big Bourbon Barrel!

S. K. and I at one of the warehouses

Bourbon Barrels of all ages.
If any of you are from Kentucky or have the opportunity to visit, I would highly suggest doing the Bourbon Trail! There are 6 distilleries that all give tours and tasting. The history is fascinating and the properties are all unique and very pretty. We only had time to visit one, but I am sure I will be back to do more later this summer! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Luxurious Lilly on Monday's {#5}

Sorry for the delay! It's always better to post late, rather than never, right?! 

I decided this weeks fabulous feature of the week is going to be one of my favorite new prints, "State of Mind". Everyone can enjoy it because it includes all 50 states in a patch-like print in beautiful bright colors. It also came out in multiple different dresses, skirts, and shorts. I was able to pick up the Ricci Shift on sale, 30% off at Peppermint Palm in Lexington, Ky. I had been eyeing this dress for a while, so I was ecstatic that it was on sale :)

The KY patch on the dress!
I got this dress a few weeks before my graduation and decided it was going to be my Pinning Ceremony dress for Nursing! I was able to get a few pictures before I took the rest of my pictures with my robe on.

My dad and I before the ceremony.
If you love this dress or pattern as much as I do, I would suggest sizing down in this style. I am normally a 6 in Shifts and I was able to wear a 4 in this dress, which always makes you feel better :)

Nursing Friends :)

Love my Lilly Pulitzer! What has been your favorite print in Lilly this season?! Anybody else have the "State of Mind" pattern!?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

{{Picnic Extravaganza}}

It's officially summertime when you get to enjoy the bluegrass while eating a packed lunch on a beautiful day!!

I was in Lexington, Ky all week studying for the NCLEX and to make the week better my boyfriend decided to come visit :) He was very sweet and took me on a picnic!! Something we haven't done in forever. I decided to wear my new graduation present, my (Lilly Pulitzer You Gotta Regatta Callahans).

Picnic Time :)
For food we brought Subway sandwiches, homemade pasta salad, and sun chips.

Bluegrass State!

We had the picnic blanket, and a monogrammed basket--too cute :) I was in little kid mode and decided to make a necklace out of weedy flowers that were all around us! Something I always use to do when I was younger.

Also, as we were laying in the arboretum near campus I found a four-leaf clover!! How fun, right?! I'm pretty sure that means I am lucky for awhile!!

A cool tree we found in the Arboretum!

What are some fun summer things you all are doing?! I'd love some ideas. The weather is gorgeous and I'd love to spend more time outdoors! 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have graciously been nominated the "Kreativ Blogger Award" by a Southern Belle from UK like my self!! Krista has been blogging way longer than I, and has great fashion taste :) Go check out her page at A Serious Southern Shopaholic. Thank you Krista!

As part of this nomination, I get to nominate 7 other bloggers and email them that they've been nominated, give a little shout out to the person who nominated me (make sure you go follow her!!), and post 7 interesting facts about myself! So here we go:

7 interesting facts
1. I am a twin, and no we are not Identical :) HE actually looks nothing like me. Tall, brown hair and darker complected.
2. My favorite food is Fettuccini Alfredo. I eat it at least 1x a week!
3. I love reading books with love stories. I'm a hopeless romantic. 
4. I enjoy running and ran my first marathon this past October in Chicago!
5. My bf and I have gone to the same school together for 12 years. I have known him since kindergarden and we have always lived in the same zip code.
6. The only TV show I watch is Real House Wives. I know--one of the trashiest TV shows out there. 
7. I can not swallow pills without eating some type of food at the same time. AND I am a nurse! Weird - but true.

Nominees for Kreativ Blogger Award (alphabetical order):
1. Lifestyles of Lauren
2. Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness
3.  Summer Wind
4. The Home You Make
5. The Pink and Green Prep
6. The Southern Fried Bride
7. Turtles and Pearls

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WILW: Summer Break

First timer at this, and very excited!! With it officially being summer break, I feel like there is so much to be loving right now :)

I am LOVING the fact that I am headed to San Francisco, California next week with the family for vacation!

My mom and I will be headed to Napa Valley for a few days all by ourselves while the boys do their own little trip. Wine and girls time, doesn't get much better that that!

I love to read for fun and I just bought the book "50 Shades of Grey" and am going to start reading it this week! I have heard lots of good reviews with some negative as well. Hoping I love it!

I am super excited for tomorrow and I am LOVING that my boyfriend is coming in town and he is taking my on a picnic! Something we haven't done in forever! Summer Lovin' :)

I am loving the new Summer line at Lilly Pulitzer! There are literally thousands of cute items out right now, I am not even sure how I am going to pick what I need :) A few of my favorites being..
Georgie in "Chum Bucket"

Treena in "You Gotta Regatta"
Ashley Wedges Canvas

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Luxurious Lilly On Monday's {#4}

This week is a little different and I was a guest writer on Turtles and Pearls blog today! Check out one of my FAVORITE Lilly outfits here!!

Have a fabulous Lillyful day and a great week! xoxo

Friday, May 11, 2012

Truly Homeward Bound...

I started this blog in order to keep track of my life post- college and today was the official day where everything I own was moved back into my old room at my parents house. Such a weird feeling, BTW. I literally feel like a person of the TLC show the "Hoarders". I have so much stuff that I have accumulated over the past 4 years of college. T-shirts, pictures, dorm accessories, storage containers, and of course lots of CLOTHES!

The floor of my room=disaster

My bed is covered in more stuff
My mom is a big OCD person and has to have every room completely clean in her house at all times. She gave me a 2 weeks notice, saying I must have it completely cleaned up and organized or she is throwing it all away. Gah!! 

My tiny closet- too much stuff.
My 3 shoe racks that are all completely full. What to do?

My closet looks like it is going to collapse at any minute and I still have all three of my shoe racks to hang up (not sure where they are going to fit) and another whole pile of shoes that are not even pictured. I think this 2 week notice is going to be a slight issue. I need to find a roommate, and fast, so I can move out and have a big walk in closet!! Anybody know anyone in Louisville that needs a roomie? haha, but really. All I can say is leaving the college scene and growing up is scary and so far I have not been loving the "real world". Anybody else feel my pain??!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday's Fancies {"I love Navy"}

This weeks Fabulous Friday's Fancies entails picking your favorite color hue and making a FAB outfit. Fun Fact: My favorite color is blue, thus my reasoning behind picking Navy as my main hue of choice. OF COURSE I went with Lilly Pulitzer :)

I love Navy

I love Navy by albrektsonk featuring bracelets

I absolutely LOVE this outfit. {If only I could afford it all}. Hopefully one day :) The dress is the Lilly Pulitzer Flor in "Hot Fun". I love the flowy bottom and the ruffles on the top of this dress. It makes it girly, summery, sexy, and it can be worn dressed up or down. I HAD to add the Lilly Pulitzer Anchor's Away flats with the navy anchors on them. These are seriously TO DIE FOR! The jewelry I picked for this outfit makes this outfit even more nautical. I chose the "Summer Classic Charm Bracelet" that can be found here and the Double Chain Necklace with navy anchors all over it, found here!

I know this outfit looks very nautical, but I love that style and nautical is very "in" right now. This would be perfect to wear on a date on the beach, or even on a date in your very on Kentucky Home :) xoxo.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Luxurious Lilly on Monday's {#3}

Gah!! I have been swamped with Graduation, KAPLAN class, and moving out that I almost forgot to blog about my FAVORITE thing :) -- LILLY!

This week's lilly is a favorite of mine (aren't they all?!) I bought it about 6 months ago in hopes of attending a horse race in the spring, since I live in the K-Y! I finally got to wear it for my best friends 23rd birthday. We went to P.F Changs then we all went to Keeneland for some horse racing!!

The gang all in their Lilly!
In honor of my besties birthday I was able to help a sister out and let her borrow one of my favorite matchy matchy outfits. She wore the "Reef Me Up" Cissy and her BF wore the matching tie! So CUTE :) My other friend, E, wore my "Checking In" Anya, which is one of my Holy Grails!

My Sorority Sister and Best Friends at Keneeland!


The dress is the Wyatt in "Hot to Trot". I saw it and just knew that I had to have it for the horse track! It has pink and green horses all over it :) It is tight at the bust and flowy on the bottom, perfect for my body shape. It even came with on of my favorite belts, the Sullivan. It is so versatile and you can wear it with lots of other Lilly.

My Best Friends!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friday's Fancies {{Derby}}

The fastest TWO minutes in sports! 

I have had the privilege to live in Louisville, Ky most my life and absolutely love this time of the year!! Everyone going to the race track all dressed up and ready to win some $$. Unfortunately I will be doing graduation events this weekend so I will not be partaking in the Derby festivities this year, but this is what I would be wearing this Saturday!

Lilly Pulitzer Derby

I love the Lilly Pulitzer Ferra Dress with the ruffles on the front of the dress. Their new summer wedges are to die for and I found this cute Belfry Mist Sheer derby hat! This outfit is a spring staple for any closet and dressy enough for the grandstand or even the clubhouse, if your lucky enough to get tickets :) And of course the outfit and day would not be complete without the mint julep in hand.

Another one of my favorite Derby items is this artist and her paintings. She is from Louisville, Ky and paints BEAUtiful pictures of fancy women and the Derby festivities. Her name is Twiggy, check out her website here.

Love all of her work!! Hope you have a great Derby weekend and celebrate and WIN in style :)