Sunday, April 22, 2012

Luxurious Lilly on Monday's

If anybody is like me, then you will understand my strong dislike for the one day of the week--> Monday. It is just brutal to have to wake up early in the morning after having a nice relaxing weekend. I feel like it really is a hit or miss day of the week. It's like that saying "if it rains, it pours". On Monday its not just missing your alarm, but you also forget to pack your lunch and you have just rolled out of bed looking like a hot mess and rushing to class/work and of course to top it off, on the way you see the one person you did not want to see. Seriously, never seems to fail. So in honor of this oh so lovely day, I am going to blog weekly about one thing that can make any Monday a good Monday.... Lilly Pulitzer.

Seriously, I immediately feel better when I just look at her prints. They are vibrant, preppy, southern, and all around GORGEOUS. I was introduced to this amazing brand about 4 years ago when I walked into a Boutique on vacation in Florida. I saw this gorgeous pink beaded tunic (Newbury tunic) that I just HAD to try on. Of course I did without looking at the price tag, and immediately fell in love. After looking at the tag I realized I would never be able to afford a tunic for $278, unless I wanted to spend all my savings on a cute top. If my mom hadn't been there at the time, I probably would have done so, and now that I look back at it, I wish I had. This is still one of my FAVORITE pieces of clothing that I have tried on. I have yet to see it on eBay or any other of my Lilly selling/trading sights since. Sad day. If I ever see it in my size for sale, I will definitely be snatching it up -- it is definitely one of my Holy Grails! It's my first true piece I fell in love with. Lilly Love at first sight :)
Newbury Tunic in Daiquiri Pink
Of course I did not find out my real love for lilly until later on in college.  Being in a sorority, (Kappa Delta) I slowly became more and more aware of how popular and cute this brand was. I first started out just searching items online, until I finally splurged and bought my first Lilly Dress off eBay. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle. My first ever Lilly dress was the Ricci in Shell Yeah. At the time, I had no idea that different styles of the dresses had names and I could care less about the prints name. All I cared about was how cute it was! I wore it to my Sophomore Bid Day for my sorority and to Keeneland. I got so many compliments and from that point on knew that my life had been forever changed by a beautiful designer name, Lilly Pulitzer. What was your first piece of Lilly? How long have you been a Lilly Lover?

Ricci Dress in Shell Yeah. 1st Lilly item ever owned.
I know a lot of my friends and family think I am crazy, but everybody has their obsession, right? Lilly is just a collectors item to me and it never goes out of style. How can you argue with that? I always tell my parents, there are worse things to be "addicted" to or obsessed with. They never have a comeback for that :) I can't wait to show my growing collection of Holy Grail pieces and items that are forever timeless. Check back every Monday for a new Lilly favorite! Hope your "horrible no good, very bad Monday" was made a little brighter! xoxo


  1. Love your first Lilly!! My first was in 2008, the Abelina Dress Printed PB (palm beach) Pearl Hay Day. I found it on sale at a department store and then found a navy Lilly cropped jacket at Marshalls. The pair made the cuuutest outfit that I still wear ;) Love the chic 60's look of Lilly! xo

  2. I love that tunic! And your blog is great! Love the button, and your new series!