Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Survived State Street

Roomies in front of our house on State Street. Goggles Up! 
Were you on State Street for the UK vs. UL NCAA Final Four game?

It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Who knew that this game would go down in Kentucky's history? This was being called the "Dream Game". If your not from Kentucky, you may not understand the rivalry between the two teams but trust me, its insane. Thankfully I was able to watch the madness after UK won from my wonderful front porch. My house was right in the middle of all of the state street rioters . The thousands of UK fans, hundreds of police officers, and the multiple flashers kept the people watching exceptionally interesting. To say it was just an incredible experience would be a understatement because afterwards there was shirts made stating "I survived St8 Street". The question is.. how many people did not?! Just from my front porch I was able to watch policemen and women arrest students on my front lawn, tackle fans that were starting fires and throwing glass objects, and shoot pepper spray bombs at fans that were trying to tip and light cars on fire. 

The t-shirts that are being made are going to look like this.
Car being flipped over and destroyed on State.
A different car after being flipped and burned - police are towing it away.
Police arresting fans in front yard.

Fans starting fires in the middle of the street.

The police are in heavy gear ready to take on the rioters. A daunting task.

Unfortunately a few people did not get the memo before the game to move their vehicles off the raging street. Consequently, their cars were smashed, beaten, rolled, and then sacrificed in order to prove how much the fans really do LOVE UK. A little excessive? I think so! Not sure exactly what the fans thought processes were on these hideous crimes. I thought a celebration of winning consisted of cheering and chest bumping. Who knew it really required burning cars, couches and pulling stop signs out of the ground?! None the less, it happened and the University and police knew better than to let cars park on State for the Championship Game. Cars were towed at 5pm that day and police were monitoring the street starting at 8am, mind you the game didn't start till 9pm. I would like to say that the championship celebration was more calm, but that would be a lie. Thousands and thousands of fans poured onto our street and they dug up stop signs again, threw bottles, burned couches, and managed to flip and burn a car one street over at a local gas station. Luckily my house only had minimal wear and tear to the lawn, piles of bottles and cans. We were lucky compared to our neighbors, who had their bathroom window broken into and had their back lawn destroyed by hundreds of people.

As much as I love UK, I think the actions of the fans were outrageous, inconsiderate, and gave the state of Kentucky a negative name. I can only hope that in the future, when UK wins our #9 championship that the fans can be more civilized. I think we all know that probably won't happen. But time will tell! 

Here are some funny/creative banners that were hung on and around State Street houses.

I am a survivor of St8 Street and I LOVE my BIG BLUE NATION!

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