Thursday, April 26, 2012


Isn't getting mail like one of the most exciting things? (As long as its not bills, that is!!) Well, when I was little I use to run out to the mailbox everyday in hopes of something with my name on it! To this very day, I still check the mail everyday but in hopes that the Lilly Gods have brought me something :) 

The Lilly God's delivered today :)

Well today was that day of the week! I got some great mail :) I had recently won the cutest halter top from eBay and I was just dying for it to come in.

Hillview Halter from Lilly Pulitzer
I am so excited to wear this once the weather stops being so finicky. I can totally picture it with my light blue colored jeans, that I just recently bought from NY&C!! Does anybody else just love getting mail? Anything good this week for you all?! 

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  1. Love this top. It would be cute with any colored pants!